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Matteo Ferroni Architetto
via Case Sparse 124b
06063 Magione (PG), Italia

Fondazione eLand
via Lengina 4b
6965 Lugano, Switzerland


singer composer Rokia TraorĂ© © M.Ferroni

Performing art center

I considered light a cultural phenomena rather than a technological challenge and I created a tool to harmonize culture with nature by turning the tree shade into light. Ultimately I repurposed a bike into a portable lamppost to tear down the rule of brighting space with a new yet ancient principle: illuminate life.

               community garden             studios theatre                 

Theatre and garden

Fondazione eLand ran a wide experimentation in the 'Commune Rurale de Cinzana' with more than 100 lamps manufactured in local workshops and delivered to 15 villages. This new light, welcomed by villagers as Foroba Yelen, deeply integrated into the life of communities accustomed to the moonlight and the glimmer of flashlights, carrying outcomes of huge anthropological significance. Fondazione eLand will release a handbook to replicate the project in any of the 20.000 villages of Mali and provide potentially huge energy savings to the country. The project was awarded by the City of Barcelona with FAD and is permanently exhibited at the Biosphere de Montreal as an innovative model of integration between technology and nature.

village community garden, Mali © M.Ferroni

Community gardens

Moving from Peter Kropotkin writings on independent communities, in 2010 I introduced the concept of collective light in rural Mali. Lighting tools owned by the village and shared for work education and cults, as a response to conventional public lighting solutions.

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