matteo ferroni

Matteo Ferroni Architetto
via Case Sparse 124b
06063 Magione (PG), Italia

Fondazione eLand
via Lengina 4b
6965 Lugano, Switzerland


FAD Fostering Arts and Design. Xarxes d'opinio, 2014 Barcelona

'borders, peripheries, social classes are the topics of our future'

Farming Architecture

I advocate for an architecture crafted through time, time to seed concepts and grow presence. Free from immediate performances, such attitude makes architecture timeless. I also believe in the civic nature of architecture, in its power to mirror higher values and overcome borders, peripheries and social classes, which is the challenge of our times… hence since 2015 we work to shape new civic places to seed and grow the intercultural Europe of the future. First we propose a model of primary school as the first civic space we experience as citizens by introducing a contemporary model of Agora where educate us towards a universal citizenship. Cities and primary schools who wish to experiment the project are welcome to contact with us.

photo © Sofia Obracaj


Graduated at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio in Switzerland, he was visiting professor at universities in Bamako, London and Mexico City and he's lecturing worldwide. His work is deeply marked by a humanistic approach to the discipline and has been published in major international medias and in the catalogues of Vitra Design Museum and MoMA. He started his practice at the age of 30 when he was commissioned by world renowned theatre director Luca Ronconi to design the permanent residence of Centro Teatrale Santacristina. In 2012 Matteo Ferroni drew worldwide attention for his project in rural Mali 'Foroba Yelen', awarded by the City of Barcelona with FAD and permanently exhibited at the Biosphere de Montreal as a model of integration between technology, culture and nature.

Fondazione eLand

Following years of informal research, Matteo Ferroni established the Fondazione eLand to address the higher questions of our future cultures and territories. Fondazione eLand mission is to produce new models in the fields of design, architecture and urbanism, to harmonize human-made and nature. Refounding models is the only response to the contemporary insanity of building worthless exceptions.

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