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photos Paolo Rosselli

Centro Teatrale Santacristina

In Summer 2005 world renowned theatre director Luca Ronconi commissioned me the remodelling of abandoned rural barns to provide permanent residence for his theatre laboratory Centro Teatrale Santacristina. Ronconi's unreached ability to bring literature on stage and his unique discipline of rehearsing became my 'discipline of planning' the ensemble as a whole theatre machine. Rehearsal studios, reading rooms, dwelling spaces and open air areas, were designed to host the essential life of a temporary independent community with the discipline of theatre work. Shakers religious communities of 19th century North America were an inspiration on how architecture can merge, intellectual activity and craft work, inspiration and discipline.

building elevation - dwelling, refectory, rehearsal studios

Interpreting the tradition

I consider tradition an inspiration and not a limit. A starting point. So I reinvented the traditional concrete window, typical of 60s burns, into a wide contemporary frame of the holistic landscape and host two actors rehearsing with readings.

precast concrete windows, photo Antii Jokinen


For the interiors I designed a collection of furnitures crafted in cherrywood and concrete. Bookcases, cabinets, shelves, tables, benches, mirrors, towel racks, step stools, form a family of objects evoking the sense of community to its residents. Santacristina tables collection are available for on demand in limited edition..

cherrywood table Santacristina © 2005

'La scuola d'estate' by Jacopo Quadri - production Ubulibri, Okta Film, Rai Cinema


architect: Matteo Ferroni, structural engineer: Punto Plan SAS, client: Luca Ronconi, residence: Centro Teatrale Santacristina

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