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Holy light for Mexico City

In 2012 I was invited by Universitat de Barcelona and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico to develop a new lighting concept for Pedregal de Santo Domingo in Mexico City, the greatest informal settlement of the Americas.

Work and faith

Golondrinas (swallows) are streets lights to be hanged on the informal power cable wirings of working class districts of Mexico City. They will be community lights assembled by the people. Car’s fog lights with holy figures form ready-made floating altars that celebrate the community work and the immanence of faith, which are the forces that drove people to auto construct their neighbour following the rural exodus of the 60s.


The prototype is under development with the support of Philips Lighting Mexico and a manufacturing workshop is going to be established with local women associations into the Casa de las Mujeres de Santo Domingo.


concept and design by Matteo Ferroni, coordination by Socorro Perez Rincon, project run by Fondazione eLand, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, in partnership with women groups of Santo Domingo with the support of Philips Lighting Mexico


Lahas laboratorio de investigación urbanismo y genero, Simon Lighting Mexico, Delegación de Coyoacan, Casa de la Mujer de Santo Domingo

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